consult/teacher avaialble to help worldwide

  • Workshop Instructor

    I am reposting to extend my job title to consult/teacher. I have found that many need the guidance and direction to build. I have many years experience in the trades and design. If you need help in the design and the application of the more difficult tasks like layout, equipment build and instruction, or other tasks, I am available to help. I can act as a onsite foreman, or remote support to help your project along with the least expense of having me on site all the time. I have found that block making and stacking is something that requires little skill. I could be available for a full time or part time foreman position with the crew and family of your choice.IMG_3509.JPG IMG_3415.JPG IMG_3414.JPG IMG_3360.JPG BF1C5F71-11C4-4DD6-B0E4-69251A7D1D84.JPG 43028A4C-21D9-4931-A8A0-F958333D874F.JPG 23726FBC-2E13-44F7-9BC3-14882BA97458.JPG

  • Hi, we are looking for a professional dome builder. We are near Orlando Florida. Would you be available? Thank you

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