Permits and Insurance in Florida?

  • Hi. I am considering an aircrete system in Florida. Has anyone had experience getting permits and homeowners insurance with this building system?


  • @RobertC

    There is a builder in Florida builds storm domes over 20 years.. he may know still trying to find him over Internet.. he a business person Florida been into dome storm shelters long long time .. I was just at that site alibaba and saw portal domes easy to build one day ship you a dome less 8,000!!! Or 5500.00 bucks can’t buopd with aircrete etc I look at all that is out there just for knowledge education I go everywhere to find out stuffs.. only state truly had no building codes is Texas .. Wyoming you need sewer but rest as long it’s outsyde city etc some putting tires on domes because they laws are so bad turn domes into mobile homes .. the system is for tree based homes not ego friendly .. all I can say loops holes.. their maybe me laws that use write as a emergency shelter so it bends the rules in your favors Montana is sorta ok but still reservations it’s worse my family lives pow camps that can’t some pow camps plant a orange tree afraid we’d over power the federal government it’s that bad America.

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