Dome Homes / Community Center help needed just south of Atlanta Georgia

  • Hi There!!

    Building a Tiny Living / Structure community and looking for help with all aspects. Numerous dome homes to be built this year.

    Thank you,

    Ron :)

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    Please give more info. I am in Pensacola, Fl.

  • Hi Anthony!! Thanks for inquiring! Currently we have 20 acres of MH and RV Park with a few Tiny Homes and Shipping Containers as part of our Tiny living focus. We are developing a purpose built Tiny Living Community on the 10 acres next door from scratch. This will not only include the aforementioned but other tiny living structures as well like aircrete dome homes and community center, etc. We have a fishing pond now and permaculture community garden we just started. An area to hold classes on subjects like nutrition, massage, and other healing modalities, etc will be built along with swimming pool(s), adult lounge areas for music, games and so on. The goal or mission is to do our best to go back to the true meaning of the word "community" here and not just an overused buzzword like at some apartment complex or something. It's about the people and quality of life in a very affordable manner. Currently Monthly Lot Rents are under $300 (and under $500 including electricity and other major utilities). Luckily we are among the very few properties in the entire US that is "legal" to do what we want to do in regards to tiny living. The city is on-board and being very cooperative! We are a little over an hour south of Atlanta in Macon Georgia right off of major Interstate 75. We don't have a website yet for our Tiny Living Addition but the existing websites are and for the RV Park and Mobile Home Community respectively. You can bring your own camper or converted school bus or what have you to live out of or we can provide lodging while you are here either briefly or more permanently. There is also another 10 acres on the other end of the park totally undeveloped and an open book, accepting ideas. I would like to have at least a small farm too. We may even subdivide and sell legal lots to Tiny Living Peeps in the near future for those that want to own their own dirt. (Though we never really own the land literally as the government does and or spiritually. We are merely temporary care givers..) In all there is 42 acres here. This park is so old that records go back to 1911. The city grew around it and this is now the industrial side of town but when in the park you feel like your an hour deep into the country with mature trees and so on. And though we have no trouble, we are a gated community. We are also building warehouse type buildings so we can have our own manufacturing facility for Tiny Houses, Shipping Containers, Teardrop campers and whatever other business type that is symbiotic. So the opportunities here are vast and can go from just helping with our aircrete projects for a few weeks or months onto working on a large array of Tiny Projects and/or Community Aspects. My direct email is Thanks again!!

  • Are you still building domes?

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