Newbie in Thailand Looking to Learn More

  • S̄wạs̄dī Krap,

    I'm a US expat retired and living in Thailand now for two years. Just bought 5 rai of land 10 minutes from the entrance to Kaeng Krachan NP. Looking to put a little "camp" on the land and an aircrete dome seems like a good idea. Love the natural look. Not sure about doing it myself... Any builders in the area? Is aircrete similar to autoclaved aerated concrete AAC block sold in Thailand?

    So sorry to hear the Gibran Center is relocating to Hawaii. Any sites that employed these building techniques to visit and learn more in Thailand?

    Thanks and looking forward to learning more!

  • hey, Rick here, lived and taught in Thai 13 years, lived in Huahin. played golf where you live. Now live in Mexico but miss Thai a lot. Good to see you here. I'm a rookie also.

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