Foaming Agents in Australia

  • I have been experimenting with a number of foaming agents used with my Little dragon with no luck. The foams I make weigh out at 100 grams/liter and the Little dragon makes these with a working pressure of 40psi. They all start to break down into liquid within 10 minutes
    I have tried Earth Choice, Morning Fresh Concentarte, Morning Fresh Ultimate, and I have even found a supplier of SLES (Sodium Laurel Ether Sulphate). The SLES seems best but at a mix ratio of 1:100 still doesn't work.
    Anyone have any suggestions?
    I have tried these with Bore water, Coles spring water, rain water, and I am about to try distilled water with no success

  • @tanjenong Hi I use earth choice and the foam I tested did not break down, i let it sit for an hour with no probs

  • @headsup Thanks for that. I have now tried all of them with no success with distilled water as well. I finally broke down and got some White Marking foam that seems to work a treat. It's active ingredient is SLES. I am very confused as the results were all quite varied in spite of careful measure, water temp control, and pressure monitoring.
    I would still like to get the Earth Choice to work though. What ratio of water to soap did you use and at what pressure?
    Thanks again

  • @tanjenong said in Foaming Agents in Australia:

    m very confused as the results were all quite varied in s

    I have constructed a 3.5m diameter aircrete dome in Perth using agricultural marking foam at a rate of 30ml/litre. A high iron content in the mixing water will cause problems with the foam. I had no problems using rain water.

  • @PeterG Thanks for that. I was wondering what the temperature was when you made the blocks. I live in up on the Great Dividing Range and while keeping the temperature constant it was always pretty cold. I have managed to get an ag foaming agent to work to keep the bubbles but the blocks are taking 2-3 weeks to set in the mold. I am hoping warmth will help speed up that setting process. Cheers

  • @tanjenong I have made blocks in both winter and summer....but the dome build was in the hottest part of summer...around 30-37C every day. 2-3 weeks seems like a very long set time. I was getting a 24hour turn around on my blocks. I stacked the form/moulds 4 high and within a few hours they were hot to touch due to the exothermic reaction of the concrete setting. I would check how old your cement is. How much water are you adding?
    I am using 9-10Litres of water per 20Kg bag of cement.
    Good luck.

  • @PeterG Thanks for that information and suggestions. My water to cement ratio was exactly the same, and the cement was brand new straight off the delivery truck from the manufacturer. Interesting that your block moulds were giving off that much heat. .... Mine never got hot.
    I may try your ratio of foaming agent to water and adjust the pressure to create the right weight to volume ratio. I am going to try making them in a heated space with warm water as the temp up here in May was 5C - 14C.
    Really appreciate your comments.

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