Foaming Agents in Australia

  • I have been experimenting with a number of foaming agents used with my Little dragon with no luck. The foams I make weigh out at 100 grams/liter and the Little dragon makes these with a working pressure of 40psi. They all start to break down into liquid within 10 minutes
    I have tried Earth Choice, Morning Fresh Concentarte, Morning Fresh Ultimate, and I have even found a supplier of SLES (Sodium Laurel Ether Sulphate). The SLES seems best but at a mix ratio of 1:100 still doesn't work.
    Anyone have any suggestions?
    I have tried these with Bore water, Coles spring water, rain water, and I am about to try distilled water with no success

  • @tanjenong Hi I use earth choice and the foam I tested did not break down, i let it sit for an hour with no probs

  • @headsup Thanks for that. I have now tried all of them with no success with distilled water as well. I finally broke down and got some White Marking foam that seems to work a treat. It's active ingredient is SLES. I am very confused as the results were all quite varied in spite of careful measure, water temp control, and pressure monitoring.
    I would still like to get the Earth Choice to work though. What ratio of water to soap did you use and at what pressure?
    Thanks again

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