Convention vs Dome

  • I understand the advantages of domes.

    Conventional constructions offers some important advantages over domes:

    1. you can simply and quickly stack bricks, they won’t fall in or out, even machines can build conventional brick walls or walls can be entirely prefab
    2. the bricks are of regular size allowing for easy manufacture, they don’t need to be cut to size
    3. square constructions make better use of scarce building space by utilising the maximum amount of floor and air space available, a flat ceiling is also a usable floor

    I can’t see how domes come out well vs the above?

  • Corners and eaves catch high winds. Thats why conventional constructions are always ripped apart by tornados and hurricanes. Flat roofs leak in rains, so a pitch needs to be added to the roof, adding complexity and expense. Aircrete domes have no roof so I suspect much less long term maintenance is needed as well.

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