Aircrete - A material a long time used in Germany.

  • Good day all together.
    Browsing through the internet, looking for a more affordable and of coarse, much better way to build, I stumbled over Domegaia. Now I am surprised that you didn't here about aircrete long before. It is used all around Europe. I did build my house in Germany with Liapor stones ( and used aircrete stones for some inside walls. There are two companies in Germany. Hebel ( and Ytong ( who produce most of this stones for all kind of square buildings.
    Now I am in Canada, rethinking what to do now. We like to downsize to around 1,200 soft. After years I am coming back to the idea of a dome building. As a young kid, I read all kinds of building materials. I never thought on producing my own aircrete stones to build a dome home and now I have to get this thoughts a couple days to saddle a bit. My most important question would be if this would work in colder climates like here in Edmonton, Alberta? We would install a Geothermal heading system. I am sure we would need thicker stones like I see in your videos online.

    Questions over questions. Any suggestions and would it work in our area too? (Must be. It works in Europe....!)
    Would be happy for any input!