Aircrete used directly as flooring

  • I'm working on a design for a low cost, portable structure that will be highly energy efficient. I think the properties of aircrete might be suitable for this project. I like the look of stained concrete and it's generally a durable, cheap option for slab houses. My question is, this will be a type of pier and beam construction, will exposed aircrete be suitable for foot traffic? Will it take a stain and sealant?

    It'll be approximately 144 square feet, I'm thinking about a 6" thick aircrete slab.

    Another consideration might be to pour 4 to 5" of aircrete, then put a 2" top coat of the appropriate concrete mixture that would be suitable at that thickness, which would also allow me to inlay some tubing for radiant floor heating. I am unsure how effective it would be laid in aircrete due to its insulation properties.

    Any thoughts?

  • @Samson-Jones If you have not already tried this. I would say aircrete used directly as flooring will flake off a dangerous to inhale dust. So no, I would certainly coat it with a "milk" layer that includes laytex.

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