Any DomeGaia Builders in Southern Colorado?

  • I'm located in Southern Colorado in Mosca near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. My partner Kyle and I are building a 40acre Sculpture Park and Campground on our property. We are planning to design a dome home to add to our property pictured below (currently we live 25 minutes away in our home studio in Alamosa, CO).

    alt text

    As there are no scheduled workshops in Colorado and the hosting applications are closed, we wanted to see if there are any experienced DomeGaia builders here in our area.

    We are both artists and designers and would do the initial plans for the multi-dome home. Currently our property is fully off-the grid. Once we choose our building site, we will get a well and septic. For building purposes we would have a generator and will get solar once the shell of the house is built.

    We are in the early stages of design but would like to get a feel for what it would cost to hire an experienced builder in this field. If that's you, please get in touch with how pricing of your time works etc. I just joined the forum so I'm not sure if there is a mailbox here, my email is

    Why do we want to build a dome home in the style of DomeGaia? It is the most aesthetically pleasing dome structure we've encountered online and we looked around a lot =) Secondly, the lower cost of building is attractive as we are both artists but if there is a qualified builder that would be a good fit for the project we would pay for all the labor costs etc. if it is in our budget.

    Thank you for looking

  • Workshop Instructor

    Sounds amazing what you are trying to do...I would be happy to instruct and mentor you to building a dome. Give me acall: (415)939-5237 Ignacio

  • @Ignacio-DHOME Hi Ignacio, I'm so sorry for my late reply. Are you located in Colorado? We are still tossing around the idea of building a dome home. When we do decided to finally go for it, we'd really need someone instate who would be able to mentor the project in person. Is that something that you do? I really appreciate your original response here - Thank You!

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