Aircrete pour in place pitched roof?

  • I am in the process of building a home in Tennessee. So far everything is concrete and cmu, including second floor deck and shed roof are 4000psi concrete which i board formed. These i was able to use a forklift and wheelbarrow to pour, very labor intensive but turned out wonderful. The problem with my top roof is i will need it to be pumped greatly increasing cost and being that is 8 yds it will be wieghing in over 32000lbs increase cost time and labor of forming. Sorry for the rambling.
    So my question would be could i build a closed form 4.5 inches thick 12" rebar bed also with a small mesh reinforcement and pour with aircrete?
    The form would be completely sealed except at peak of roof to pour.
    Would i be able to do a monolithic 8yd pour?
    The span from large supporting steel would be 5'
    Any questions please ask.
    My wife and 3 children have been the only labor thus far on this job and wed love to finish it that waythis is the roof we poured in concrete alt textthis being the roof im hoping to aircrete alt text

  • @naeveh1 not sure entirely but maybe this will help get you started in the right direction for answers.
    Youtube Video

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    @naeveh1 I don't see why not. Being that it's lightweight it could work great. Make sure to use the poly fiber on the inside of the pour to hold it all together monolythically. Also, will give you an insulative ceiling...FYI: You may not be able to walk on it though. Also, how do you expect to mix and pour this? Look in to a plaster mixer if necessary....this may be a good alternative to hand mixing. Too bad you did'nt use this for your walls. You would have insulative walls by now and a finished surface to paint.

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