How does Aircrete perform in cold climates?

  • I want to build in a cold, snowy climate. How does aircrete insulate? Also, is it strong enough to handle the weight of heavy snowfall?

  • @Altitude-High I have experienced that in a cold wet environment it takes a little longer to set up and so may collapse a little. I recommend adding glycerin or a way to quicken the drying process with a dryer...

  • what does adding antifreeze do?

  • Thanks Ignacio. I'm not concerned about the setting of the aircrete. It's warm enough in the summer to not be a problem.

    I'm asking about the insulating properties of aircrete in winter. Also, the strength of aircrete to handle a snow load.

  • @Altitude-High Oh! sorry. Well, I am not an engineer so if you want an empirical answer, I am not the one to give it. My only thought on this topic is that an egg shaped dome will be much more resistant to load and will shed the snow more easily. I also believe that the compressive strength because of the vertical lift of the shape, has greater strength. An egg shape is incredibly strong. The dome is as well, but not as much. The Florence domes were based on the quinto acuto because of its vertical lift to counter act gravities forces downward that causes "lateral stress".

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