Labor material cost and time frame examples

  • Hello can someone give me an idea as to what to expect approximately as far as the cost for building a lovely Dome home? For example like this 600- square foot home dome in the video. How many people would I need to hire, how long does it take to build the one in the video? I'm just getting started trying to get an idea as to how to plan this... if someone could give me example I would appreciate it as far as different scenarios; I would like to have a home built in a fair amount of time enjoying the process is very important and doing it right is just as important. I just don't know how many people and how much time and the cost approximately for this to be a sustainable project. Thank you very much for your time and thank you for helping me plan this!

  • There is mention of Steve's dome costing US$9 000 in total.

  • @Kwagga yes... thank you for your reply, yet it does not specify the relative labor cost for its location where it was built. Not all locations are going to show the same labor cost. In other words wages are different everywhere, material costs aren't the same everywhere , that cost isn't going to be the same everywhere in the world , it's not a universal outcome. At some point I'm going to want to build in Costa Rica when I'm ready, I want to hire people with experience, I don't know what they charge I'm looking for people to give me an example based on their experience with finding people and hiring people. Once again I thank you for your reply kindly.

  • @Chaitanya-Das-Ma
    At the Mazunte workshop 35 inexperienced people got a 6m dome almost completed in a week. The organisers quote about $10,000 for a dome home (not including the cost of the footings, because it varies so much depending on the soil type).
    The biggest expense was for plans drawn up by a structural engineer as required by my local council. I reckon it’s costing me about $A1 a block (220 x 330mm) and I’ll need about 2500 for the 3 domes.

  • Direct work costs are the wages, advantages, and protection that are paid to representatives who are straightforwardly engaged with assembling and creating the products!

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