XL Dragon not working?

  • Got the XL dragon kit with mixer. Put it all together, hooked it up to soapy water and turned it on. Soapy water started pouring out of the unit. Air compressor just made water and air come out of the unit. No foam.

    Turned it off, looked more closely at where the water was coming from and noticed that there are two screw holes with one screw still in one hole but not connected to anything. The air and water were blowing out around the sides of the unit, too.

    Stopped to weep. It's not like I can take it apart. It's glued together and would take some doing to open it to see what is inside that may have been needed to be held by the screws.

    I don't know what to do. I sent an email but no reply and it is the weekend. I have an impulse to put it all back in a box and send it back and ask for one that works.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do to fix it so I don't have to return this one? Am I missing something simple?


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    Can you post pictures?

    I have put many of these machines together I may be able to help.

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  • I will take pictures in the morning and I really would appreciate any help!

    Basically, the water coming from the can of soapy water goes into the unit and then runs out the sides of it. With air compression, water and air come out the sides. The screws fell out of the bottom of it. At no time did the air pressure gauge ever register anything.

    What's in there?

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    This is a kit you put together?

  • No, this is a device I spent a few hundred dollars on to be delivered to me whole. I did have to drill some holes in the mixer to connect the pvc pipe, and I did have to buy some 1/2 inch tubing but otherwise that was it. I can't open the unit without getting pretty rough with it. When I shake it gently something clunks around inside. Don't know what it is. Can't see it, can't get to it.

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  • And now the off/on switch won't switch off. I am seriously unhappy.

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    I passed your info onto the owner and person who sent you the xl. They should be in contact today. Sorry for the delay.

  • Thank you so much!

  • Got the call, I'm sending this one back and will be sent one that works. I'm delighted!

  • So, got the new dragon xl and it works perfectly. Only issue I had was using wrong soap so it took a while to get 100 gm to a liter of foam since I had to keep weighing and adjusting and pondering and finally settled on using dawn ultra like another poster here suggested. My foam weight may have been about 110 grams-ish/liter, wonder what that portends for my first pour... but I couldn't for the life of me get it to be any lighter without totally overshooting so settled on a little too heavy vs too light.

    For some reason I built a 4x8 frame and that is what I poured the 45 gallons into, all covered in plastic. A panel. I suspect a deeper/narrower vessel will give more satisfactory results but in my mind I see aircrete panels so that's what I did. They will probably be a bear to work with. I will probably have to cut them to move them by myself.

    It was just the first pour, after all. Experimental.

    Thought I would offer this follow up as far as how I'm doing with the new machine :)

  • That is excellent they took care of that issue. Let us know how it all turns out for you. We are very interested in knowing how it goes with big panels like that.

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