Foamcrete walls anyone?

  • As well as the domes I’m building I’m also converting a pergola into a communal kitchen/laundry.
    I’d like to pour aircrete panels as the non-loadbearing walls. I’ve poured one with the normal block formula to see how solid it is and will let you know the result.
    If it works I’d like to fix it to the frame with a right angle bar at bottom and top, and join them to each other with mortar and fabric.
    But I’d like to know is anyone out built or used aircrete panels?
    Recipes and tips would be gratefully received.

  • @noni We have not had the pleasure yet of doing any projects with aircrete yet. We are researching it a lot and found Honey Do Carpenter has lots of info. He built a regular type shed with aircrete wall panels. Just search Honey Do Carpenter in You Tube.

  • I saw that video, but he used metal panels that he poured the aircrete into and then attached the metal parts together.

    I want to make a big closet to brew beer in with a cool bot in the wall, so am going to try to do some aircrete panels and see if I can work with them. First one today!

    How did yours turn out, Noni?

  • @noni I’ve only poured the full aircrete panel. We’ll do the one with reinforcing this weekend and compare them after two weeks. Illl let you know how they go.

  • I would love to hear how that turns out. I was thinking a lego type style that fits together might work well? for walls I mean so you don't have to use the studs. Honey Do Carpenter did that to suffice local code requirements.

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