Aug 1 course

  • Hi, I'm interested in register in your Aug 1 course. I'm thinking about driving my van from Chicago with my 8 pound dog. He is extremely quiet and very obedient. Is it possible to bring my dog? Also what are the accommodations? I'm willing to stay in my van or camp.


  • Hi Gloria,
    I love dogs, especially quiet obedient ones. It shouldnt' be a problem but, you'll have to check with Debra, the owner of Indigo Farms. Her email is
    we just posted info about accommodations here -
    You can contact me better by email
    I look forward to meet you there!
    aloha, Hajjar

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    @hajjargibran I have some questions about this workshop too. Are there any other places to stay beside Indigo farms? Any hotels or motels near that area? Also, could you tell me is there is any other workshop planned for this year inside the USA in case that I can not attend this one? I wanted to point also that I went to the Indigo farms link to check the accomodations and their page promotes and supports what for me would be extreme left propaganda, like ocuppy democrats webpage comments and the like. I know that everyone have a right to their political opinion in this country, but it would be much nicer is they could put their political opinions aside, specially when you are marketing towards self sustainable living, which have nothing to do with political ideas. It just put a bad idea in my mind, to know that the hosts may extremely lean toward bias.If I were to sit down to really analyze political facts regarding sustainable living, I would have to conclude that the left in this country is the one that have kept more people on welfare than anyone, which makes the common worker more taxed and in a line of events just keep everyone more attached to the government. They also support a higher involvement of the federal government, which just add more laws to crimininalize the common citizen and healthy natural medicine. I think the Domegaia experience should be a more spiritual and sharing one than a political one. It may actually sway some people from going to the workshops. Just my .2 cents.

  • No other workshops are scheduled in the USA yet. It maybe next year before we have another there. More likely in Hawaii.

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