Pools with aircrete

  • Ive been thinking that if aircrete is so strong and waterproof why not make a pool with it. im sure someone has done this already so im just wondering if it would be better to make an underground pool with aircrete, an above ground pool with aircrete or just have a regular above ground pool and build a dome for it so its "indoor".

  • @thoughtdrops i''m going the dome around the pool route. for 2 reasons. one aircrete like concrete is NOT water proof so just like my concrete pool i would have the same issues will painting it and such. and 2 a dome will keep the bugs, leaves, sun (alge) and cold out.

  • ahh ok sounds good, what if i made the structure of the pool out of aircrete and used a pool liner for waterproofing?

  • I think a pool liner would work well, but not sure if the polyclothe mortar layer is enough to hold the aircrete together when the pool is full of water.... that's an enormous amount of weight and pressure.

    I just purchsed a home and will be moving soon. There is a jacuzzi in the backyard that I think I will insulate around the bottom with aircrete by spraying it in with a texture gun. That wont be for support, only for insulating.

  • Can you give us a report on your pool project: what process did you settle on & how well is it working out? I would be grateful for an update. Thank you

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