Aircrete casting

  • I am an artist and am planning on casting aircrete and have a few questions.

    1. Vertical pour
      A large part of my moldbox would be a vertical pour (4ft tall x 2.5ft wide x 2 in thick). Do I need to worry about slumping with a vertical pour? Are there additives or barriers that would prevent that?

    2. Cracking and warping
      I’ve seen evidence of cracking and warping in youtubers aircrete casting. How do I avoid or prevent that?

    3. Surface
      I’d like the surface of the cast to be the raw aircrete. Is there a matte sealant that you would recommend?

    Excited to get started. Thank you!!

  • @daniellefiroozi not sure on the vertical pour. I know a YouTube entrepreneur, Honey Do Carpenter, that I follow has had issues with pours and he simply had to keep changing the mix a bit to get it just right. He does offer a recipe for inexpensive and on one video he mentions he will be doing more research as others using the same recipe are not getting the same results. Thinks it has to do with the PH of the water. Could also be the moisture in the air and such. I believe most are simply coating with stucco mixes. I saw HDC use cement color mix in a raised bed he built. Turned out great.

  • @ormom8 thanks for the thoughtful reply! I’m a HDC fan as well - the colored cement really did turn out great!

  • Use warm water and glycerin. The warm water is to help the cement set up more quickly, and the glycerin helps the retention of the bubbles in the foam.

  • @Ignacio-DHOME ah - smart thank you! Do you think there could be any issues with foam and high altitude? I tried a test yesterday and had problems. I used glycerine and axion (I’m in Mexico) but cold water. Will definitely try warm next.

  • @Ignacio-DHOME Yes, we live at 4500 ft elevation and I am wondering the same. I have heard some issues are due to the acidity or PH of the water being used but I do not know how that would affect it. Is there a specific ratio of glycerin to use?

  • @ormom8
    30 ml of glycerin per 5 gallons of water.

    I really don't think PH is an issue as much as people make out. Temperature is a huge factor to consider. Cold water and temperatures don't help I've experienced. Use warn water to trigger the #aircrete to set up faster.

    Altitude is an interesting factor to consider...i don't know. Let me know your results... Good luck!

  • @Ignacio-DHOME

    Do you know if the ratios are different if you’re making the foam with a mixing attachment instead of a foam generator?