How much foaming agent?

  • Total novice here, please forgive.
    I was trying to get a 100 gm/liter weight using 2 cups suave daily clarifying shampoo to 5 gallons of water and just couldn't reach it. So I switched to 2 cups dawn ultra into 5 gallons of water and ended up using a foam weight of slightly over 100 gm/liter.

    My question is: if I added another cup to the suave clarifying mix, like, 3 cups instead of 2...what would be the result? Do you think it would increase the weight? I am thinking so but wanted to run it by y'all before I started wasting more shampoo!

  • Not sure of the question.
    It takes 16oz of dish soap mixed (7th GEN) with 5 gallons of water to get the consistency you need to reach the necessary 90-100grams of foam weight. Does this help?

  • @Ignacio-DHOME
    16 ml is a pretty small amount ... that isn't even a half of a shot glass! I have to assume that was a typo? Or do I have this completely wrong?? I guess 16 ounces makes two cups. I did use 2 cups. Just wondered if 3 cups would give a heavier foam is all... I'll test it out as soon as I have room for another pour :)

    The question was specifically: does more soap per water make heavier foam.

  • @LibbyL so sorry, i meant 16oz!

  • @LibbyL more water per soap makes it heavier. The more foam, the lighter the mix... Common sence right? Am I missing something?

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