Foamcrete walls anyone

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    Hi again The unreinforced panel pour was a failure. The panel cracked into pieces as we lifted it out of the frame. Well try a reinforced panel now.

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    Did you try using a fiber like maybe hemp, or poly? It can strengthen the brick more. Also try doing a test with foam at 90 grams. Maybe less foam and more cement will do the trick? In fact, try doing a 5 gallon test with a bit of MILK in it and see. Let Us know...

  • Are you pouring directly into vertical cavities, or horizontal panels then lifting them into vertical spaces?

  • @nderwater pouring horizontally, lifting vertically

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    @noni reinforce with fiberglass fabric... Imbed into cement.

  • @Ignacio-DHOME hi Ignacio using fibreglass isn’t something I thought of, so thank you.
    I had never heard of fingernail fibreglass before so looked it up. It may be hard to get it in bulk as it only seems to be sold in quantities suitable for fingernails rather than walls! Any idea how to get it in bulk.
    At present we’re still planning to try incorporating metal mesh into the walls but instead we’ve been busy finishing laying down the reinforcement rods in the footings.
    This has been harder than I expected, because the Domegaia bender doesn’t do rebar. We have been using a hole in a metal upright to put kinks around the bar and repeat the process till we’ve got a shape that fits. Then repeat 11 times to get the 12 rebar strand footings specified by the engineer.
    I’ve also been struggling to set up corrugated iron around the sides of the footings. I have made lotsa mistakes. I had the footings dug 35cm wide, as set by the engineer, then realised I hadn’t allowed for the tin sides. So widened the footings with a hatchet - so much work. Then put in the tin. But. When I backfilled the tin bulged into the 35cm space. I’ve backfilled then pulled out the iron, cleaned out the space, put the tin back, putting in some more spikes, back filled again and watched as the iron bulged again. Repeated process, in places up to 6 times.
    This time I’m not backfilling. Instead I’m laying in the rebar and then put those plastic seats on the sides of the ligatures to ensure the footings stay upright during the cement pour. The day before the pour I’ll put a small amount of dirt behind the tin - just enough to keep them steady when the pour starts - then run around the site backfilling to stay ahead of the pour.
    There may be a better way, but I don’t know it.

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    @noni that's hilarious! I think you understand... Reinforcing Fiberglass mesh. Found in 150 ft rolls at Home Depot...

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    @Ignacio-DHOME i don't really understand the second part of the post. Can you take pictures?

  • @Ignacio-DHOME
    Hi Ignacio
    sure, I can take photos but I don’t know how to post them to the forum. Instructions gratefully received.

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