Grand Bahama Island connections needed.

  • Domegaia skills, EWB participation and networking are really needed. If you can call on your engineering friends to network here, it can really make a difference.
    Recovery efforts from the recent massive storm damages need a good and useful local authority participation, final site approval & as well the qualified designs, and experienced intructors who can schedule effectively and deliver "on their own dime" at least initially. Your core group and it's fundraising and the qualified instructional domegaia team you assemble would be responsible to organize your volunteers on sites yet to be finalized. Specifying of the appropriate building materials might also require organizing ways to deliver them to the shipping containers soon being loaded by philanthropic organizations in Miami area. Your useful tools might be donated eventually to the organizations ongoing shelter & response efforts, if that's part of your chosen participation. Your generous spirit and response here is needed. It's time to really apply what we've learned and get others trained to produce the best response to these situations.
    Check back for updates and please make your paypal donation through

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