Slab Floor Recipe

  • Anyone have a recipe for a slab floor that is solid enough that it won't flake when walked on?

  • I think you would have two options, pour another thin layer of much denser aircrete over the normal aircrete slab, or lay some cheap floor tile over the the slab. I would use a larger tile size to help distribute the weight over a bigger area.

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    That is exacly what I will be doing. Check out flooring cost at Dirt Cheap. Only free is better.

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    Have you explored the DomeGaia web site? I believe they have the recipes there.

  • I like the large floor tile idea but I think they may crack over time if they are not on a flat solid surface. Even ones on concrete can crack if it's not very flat. Perhaps a clay top would be best but i have little clay in the soil here.

    Of course i have read though the domegaia website and much of this forum. I've been trying to get aircrete to work for over a year. I've branched off to use perlite as lightweight aggregate instead of air bubbles and I have much more success and found it easier to use. Perlite is not free, however, but then neither is bags and bags of crumbly not curing correctly aircrete that end up in the garbage. I have so many blocks of attempted aircrete at this point, i think i wasted money on a pump. I'm going with an perlite and cement floor with hardware cloth layed on top and a thin layer of sand cement on top of that. I did a panel test and i can jump on it no support under it and it still doesn't break.

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    Thanks for the input. I have thought of the cement layer on top as well. Sorry to hear of all your troubles with the formula given but you have discovered and shared an alternative for us all. I will take all in advisement.

  • @Traveler004 Traveler can you share your formula that you have used using 'perlite'? Also when you say hardware cloth, can you share that as well? Thanks, I too have been looking for a mixture that works and put it aside for a while. Also, the cloth that has been discussed that is used for the final layer is not readily available here in Hawaii. I would be interested in what you are calling 'hardware' cloth, to see if that is available here. Thanks so much.

  • @Jim_Scan Aloha,
    What we call hardware cloth here is actually a silly name for it. it's like a wire mesh similar to chickenwire. it comes in difference gauges. I use 19 or 20 gauges. I did tests of 2 parts water, 1 part cement, 6 parts perlite. and a test of 2 water, 2 cement and 5 perlite.
    The second one was obviously stronger and since i was using this as a panel that covers an open hole in the my floor, i liked the strong one for that. The first i will use for my slab.
    Their are 2 different sizes of perlite. I like the smaller size. the larger size I use for the garden. The smaller size is better for concrete IMO. I did make some bricks with the larger garden size because I ran out of the small stuff and worked and it gives a cool look.

    If you don't have hardware cloth, You could try anything that gives tinsel strength.

  • Thank you so much for that info. I'll let you know how it goes out here when I get back at that project. Like everyone else, we are just hunkered down with much more time to finish my 'honey-do' list. If that is possible :-)

  • Using large tile on an aircrete slab shouldn't crack if the underlying soil isn't expansive clay or unstable and/or not properly compacted. When tile cracks on concrete it is usually because the ground underneath has moved and buckled the slab.

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