hello people! someone, brasil?

  • hello aircrete comunity. im a south american travaller musician. i record my music by my own on my traveller studio. im going to construct a dome in bahia with the dome gaia methods. sorry about my english fellas. i want to make my home there and i wanna share this with the bahia people. right now im in sao paulo, studing the method, making my aircrete machine, testing some mixtures. sorry but i can pay the little dragon is so expensive spend this money here. i need to improve and i apreciate your free information so much!

    anybody knows about concrete quallitys or foaming agent types here in brazil???
    im a little confuse to find the correct materials here. thank so much to all the group. and have a good day! any kind of help is welcome!.


  • wow nice. It looks like you have lots of quality and experience. Carry on!

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