Aircrete appropriate for a Mexican sweat lodge?

  • Hi, I'm planning to build a Temazcal (Mexican sweat lodge) on our farm north of Toronto, Canada, in the Spring of 2020. Aircrete has been recommended. Does anyone have any thoughts as to the appropriateness of this material, considering the bricks will be subjected to high humidity, and being warmed and cooled frequently? I know aircrete is porous and has to be sealed, in this case on the outside and inside, with cladding or stucco of some kind, to keep the moisture out. And does aircrete release any gasses when heated that could be noxious? And if there are any aircrete enthusiasts who live in the area and are interested in helping out, please let me know!

  • @Rufus I have the same question. I would say that it's non toxic. The water is the concern though it may just breathe and dry out. Otherwise, a "climate active" product would probably be the best coating inside and out.

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