Aircrete development application approval Australia

  • Hello! Anyone have any information on engineering standards about the compressive, tensile and load bearing strength of aircrete dome structures. We need this info to pass the development approval stage of our building design. Hope someone can help!

  • Workshop Instructor

    @meredith You may have trouble with getting this data since being DIY every batch is different. I hope something comes through though. How about a ferrocement outer shell with insulative brick on the inside? That may get you permitting....goodluck

  • Perhaps this... just translate

    • La densidad típica del aerocreto es de 20 - 60 libras/ cu. pies

    • Fuerza a compresión de 50 psi - 930 psi.

    • Concreto celular.- fuerza de tensión = 10 TONS/ SI

    • Malla de fibra de vidrio con cemento = 70 LB / SI

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