Mixing in a bag?

  • Lowe's sells sand in 1/3 CU Yd (9-sq ft) bag.
    The strap handles allow the forklift to hold it.
    1/3 of a cubic yard is a little larger than a 55 gallon barrel. Would it hold the Aircrete slurry and foam mix?

    I've seen a 77 gallon barrel, after that I'm thinking about something like a stick tank from the farm store. Cutting a fuel drum off might be an option, so I can mix up to five bags. I see YouTube from Asia with a 'transmission' or pan mixer operated by a very efficient team. I'm alone until my business explodes!!

    I've seen really sexy continuous mixers like this sleek Italian model
    I remember a post from a 67 year old man thinking the same. The Italian machine and American competitors make machines to mix floor leveler or wall plaster. Nothing with Aircrete.

    What I see with Aircrete is blasting out of a hose as land fill or bubbling out of a pipe. That hose is often connecting a ready-mix truck to a huge foam machine. The foam is easy to produce, see those fire suppression systems.

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    stucco mixer works beautifully if you want to automate the mixing!

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