Vermont needs AirCreat! A formen/women please!!!

  • Hello!
    My name is Allie Dercoli, I want to host a workshop on my property in Vermont to rebuild a community space and greenhouse. Please help us, we have a 100 thousand dollar budget for fully prepped building sight. We would be willing to pay a designer and for-men/women. We have over 28 people interested in our area to help with the building workshop and plenty of access to helping hands and resources including mixers, tractors and equipment. The sight has lots of building tools and wood for forms. We host workshops on our farm for kids often monthly and have no trouble organizing spaces, food for daily lunches and incredible five star accommodations for up to 20 camp sights and 11 indoor housing with kitchen access. Let me know your availability to get this ball rolling.

  • Workshop Instructor

    H! Please contact me...I may be . I do individual consults, designing, and instruction.
    Ignacio "IGGY"

  • @finallie
    I am interested in attending a workshop on your property. Please keep me posted. Thank you

  • I am interested in helping out with your project! Please email me

  • hello! I may be available to assist, I've taken the WS once last January 2019. I haven't learned their newest updated methods/upgraded tools. I am in NJ, not far at all from VT. Please keep me updated!

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