European workshops?

  • Do you have any idea which country your European workshops will be held in? I just came across your site as I'm very interested in round eco homes/structures. Our home is in the Highlands of Scotland (although strangely enough we are walking the PCT at the moment and won't get home until October).

    If you are looking for a European venue next year, please do consider coming to us in Melvaig, Wester Ross in The Highlands of Scotland. We have plenty of space for people to camp and rooms. Then we would get the wonderful opportunity to learn/see how to build your aircrete dome homes.

    Oran Mara is our home . and otterburn the holiday home we have right beside ours.

    We have plenty of space, beds, lawn for tents and two concrete foundations in the pens which used to hold animals (the previous owners rescued dogs).

    We would love to have your workshop here in Scotland. Thank you