Concrete floor

  • I need to pour a concrete floor a maximum of 1.5" thick on top of the concrete slab my dome is built on. Concrete pros in my area are telling me you can't go thinner than 3" without mayor cracking. In Costa Rica, I'm sure Gabe was laying a 1" floor over aircrete. Does anyone have any experience of laying a floor 1.5" thick? Any suggestions for the mix? One guy recommended a Sakrete product called 5000 Plus, but the Sakrete site recommends it only be used for minimum of 2". Any advice welcomed. Thanks

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    @EnglishChris Use an agregate like rock. You can also try putiing the fiberglass mesh inside the 1" slab. That would do the trick! Goodluck!

  • Thanks for that, Iggy. I'll try pouring a test section first. I'm filling the chasings for wiring and plumbing at the moment, using regular mortar because I can't get aircrete mortar to stay on vertical surfaces unless I let it sit for 5 or 6 hours before using it. It may have something to do with the cold and damp, here. Do you know a way of making it firmer?

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