Aircrete forms

  • For those of us who can't afford the workshops, does anyone have plans on how to build the necessary forms?

  • please! I would like this as well

  • anyone have photos or anything?? this is a huge gap in the instruction of how to begin.

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    Forms are really as easy as a piece of plywood and a few 2x4’s set up to make one big block that can later be cut. If you line the rough form with sheet plastic the aircrete is much less likely to stick or leak out. The way mine is setup is 3 2x4s screwed to a plywood sheet in a |_| shape. To complete the form I have another 2x4 that I set in place and hold on place with a few rocks. When the aircrete is totally hard (3-5 days) I cut the blocks into equal dimensions, remove the rocks and loose 2x4 and set them aside to cure a few more days before setting.

  • @kimo so the forms can be pretty much any size you like, that is manageable for you? what size do you cut the individual bricks to? What do you cut them with? Thanks so much for the details!

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    Exactly :) it helps if they can be just shy of your intended batch volume. The blocks I have been making are about 14.5x16. There is no reason for them being this size other than it works out evenly in my form. I used the flat metal cookie cutter method for a while but have since moved to using the same hand powered wood saw I trim fit the blocks with. With the flat metal method the blocks were cracking when removing the blade

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