Suspending Triangular Aircrete Panels from Geodesic Dome.

  • Hello. I dig the what you all are doing and want to say: Keep up the good work!

    I wanted to suggest another method of building domes and get some feedback. Below you'll see a geodesic dome that I helped some kids build at an event called Kids Building 2020... More text below picture....


    Note the metal strips going across the PVC pipe strut. This is a saddle strap. Its used mostly for holding electrical conduit to walls. I've used it here to hold up peg board to the space frame. Just to be clear; there are also zip ties holding the pegboard to the struts.

    I'd like to think that this method can be used to hold up triangular panels of aircrete instead of stacking them on each other. The current method of covering with fiberglass fabric and plaster would remain the same. What do you think?

    Andrew Cegielski
    Dome Ideas LLC
    Waukesha, WI



  • I have used Adnrew's system, really easy to put together a 2V dome with zip ties and pvc. I think there is a lot of potential for a system like this because the "hubs" are being upcycled which makes it really affordable even for a temporary structure to hold the bricks or using as scafolding, can also be re used many times.

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    I have been considering this idea ever since I learned of Aircrete. I purchased Geodesic Dome plans from Paul Robinson several years ago and was thinking. Because the Geo dome is very strong, and Aircrete is very light why not stretch chicken wire/cloth on the inside of the panels. Fill them with aircrete. Finish the outside/inside with cloth stucco as normal Domegaia domes.

    You would need to leave channels for your screws but that should be easy with well placed straws or just drill out the channels before you set all the screws. This would be a very strong very insulated building. I decide that an Aircrete dome would be cheaper because I don't need all the limber and screws but still a very cool construction idea.

    If anyone uses my idea thats great just document and post. WE all are learning.

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