Need help in Colorado

  • Hello, my husband and I are in the process of purchasing some land in Walsenburg, CO. We close in about a week. We would like to build an aircrete dome home, and will need help with it. We have zero experience, and are willing to pay someone to come out and heavily assist us. We would be able to help with the build on the weekends (taking vacation to get 3-4 days in a row). During the week, however, we would need the builder to get things accomplished in our absence so that we can knock out as much as possible while we’re there. We can also get some friends to help on the weekends, but again, would need much of the preparations/legwork done during the week.

    We are attracted to the dome style, and the potential to live mortgage-free by living in one. Please reach out if this sounds like something that interests you. We need someone to physically be present for this project. Please reach out and we can discuss 😊 7two0-89nine-2six35 or laurengrace @


    See property here:

  • Workshop Instructor

    @laurengrace Hi Lauren...PLease call me. I have experience in designing and building. I am also an instructor and have particiapated in various projects. I also do traditional carpentry....(415)939-5237

  • @Ignacio-DHOME

    Thanks Ignacio! Will do 😊

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